Jang Bo Ri is Here!


Title: 왔다! 장보리 / Come! Jang Bo Ri

Also known as: Jang Bo Ri is Here!
Chinese Title: 来了!张宝利
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 50 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-April-05 to 2014-Sep-28
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45



This drama is about two families, two women, two mothers who have to deal with very unexpected surprise when their daughters’ identities changed overnight.

Jang Bo Ri (Oh Yeon Seo) who grew up with her poor family suddenly becomes wealthy overnight after she discovers that she’s a daughter of a wealthy family. In contrary, Yun Min Jung (Lee Yoo Ri) suddenly has to adapt herself from living in luxury to her poor family.

Drama ini tentang dua keluarga, dua wanita, dua ibu yang harus menghadapi kejutan yang tak terduga ketika identitas anaknya yang berubah dalam semalam.

Jang Bo ri (Oh Yeon Seo) yang tumbuh dewasa bersama keluarga miskin tiba-tiba menjadi kaya dalam semalam ketika keluarganya mengetahui bahwa dia anak mereka yang hilang. Sebaliknya, Yun Min Jung (Lee Yu Ri) tiba-tiba harus mengadaptasi dirinya ke kehidupan miskin dengan keluarga sebenarnya.


Main Cast

Oh Yeon Seo as Jang Bo Ri
– Yoo Eun Mi as Jang Bo Ri (child)
Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Hwa
– Jung Yoon Suk as Lee Jae Hwa (child)
Oh Chang Suk as Lee Jae Hee
– Jo Hyun Do as Lee Jae Hee (child)
Lee Yoo Ri as Yun Min Jung
– Shin Soo Yun as Yun Min Jung (child)

Bi Sool Chae

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soo Mi
Kim Hye Ok as In Hwa (Soo Mi’s second daughter-in-law)
Yang Mi Kyung as Ok Soo (Soo Mi’s first daughter-in-law)
Ahn Nae Sang as Soo Bong (Soo Mi’s second son)
Jung Won Joong as Hee Bong (Soo Mi’s first son)
Jun In Taek as Park Jong Ha

Jae Hwa & Jae Hee’s family

Han Jin Hee as Lee Dong Hoo (Jae Hwa, Jae Hee, and Ga Eul’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Hwa Yeon (Dong Hoo’s wife)
Woo Hee Jin as Lee Jung Ran (Dong Hoo’s younger sister)
Han Seung Yeon as Lee Ga Eul (Dong Ho’s daughter)


Hwang Young Hee as Do Hye Ok (Min Jung’s biological mother)
Park Gun Il as Kang Yoo Chun (Nae Chun’s younger brother)
Choi Dae Chul as Kang Ne Chun (Yoo Chun’s older brother)
Sung Hyuk as Moon Ji Sang (Min Jung’s first love)
Lee Chae Mi as Jang Bi Dan (Bo Ri’s daughter)
Lee Jae Goo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Producer: Lee Myung Sook
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok


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