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Rooftop Prince

 “Funny Drama, laugh that never end but this drama actually mellow drama, right?”

This drama is airing on SBS every Wednesday-Thursday, 9.55 PM.

I am so excited about this drama, every time I always think about it.

how will they end up together.

Bak Ha (HanJiMin) that slowly but sure falling in love with Lee Gak (ParkYooChun).

First scene at the palace, when Crown Prince woke up and found that the princess not in his side.

Then He knows that the princess was dead. 2 years later, there is no way to finding the truth, then the crown prince with his a strong willing, find people that have an ability to help him.

meanwhile when there is a news that the crown prince find a princess to be his wife, that his wife must beautiful. A child running to the house, calling for her sister, Hwayoung. that child called Bu Yong,who will be a crown prince’s wife. Hwayoung is envy, and make her sister has a scars on her face. Then Hwayoung become a princess. even after they adult, Hwayoung still using her sister to get attention from the crown prince even the embroidery that made by BuYoung, Hwayoung admits it made by herself. (it’s not fair, i feel mad about this, but the crown prince feeling happy because of that..sigh*)

with the tears, crown prince crying while seeing the embroidery that he knew that made by crown princess. the tears is fell to the butterfly, by a sudden the butterfly is alive, and fly away, then go to the 21st century..

In New York, Bak Ha (Han Ji Min as BuYoung)is selling fruits, the butterfly alighted at her shoulder, with smile, she looks at butterfly, from a far, that called Yong Tae Yong, smile then get a paper and sketch her with the yellow butterfly.

Yong TaeMu, his cousin, punch him until Taeyong fall into water, because of Tae Yong doesnt want answer a call from his grandma, and Taeyong doesnt want to work at grandma’s company.

at Joseon Era, Crown Prince, Lee Gak, Still found who killed his wife. When they are on their way to find some clue, a group of horse are chase them. when the eclipse come, they are suddenly appear in some room. and the owner are so surprise.

They almost really not know about what happend. they cant find some food for eat and feeling hungry, then get into prison. the police ask if they have an ID card or else. and suddenly Song ManBo remembers something.

So tomorrow they back to the rooftop’s owner. She cooks Omurice. Then they said it together, O-mu-ra-i-seu.. so funny.

The Introduction about the 21st century to the J4 (4 People from Joseon), make them to have cut their hair.

Lee Gak slowly knew that if he go till this far are for to know the truth. and He knows that the picture of TaeYong is his reincarnation. For to know the truth, he was disguised as TaeYong.

Become Tae Yong, he can approach SeNa. Lee Gak helped by Bak Ha, while Tae Yong just asking about relationship and others. BakHa start to like him. The bracelet, she saw the brecelet, it’s fell from her arm. after She knew the truth, the truth that her Unnie leave her because of her bad feeling to BakHa (actually BakHa dont know what is the cause, for what her unnie to do this far).

With tears on her eyes, she meets Tae Yong, Tae Yong thinks that She come to take them all go home together and wanna meet them. But BakHa just keep silent. while BakHa walking away. Not so long, SeNa walk out, then seeing Tae Yong, make her surprise. Tae Yong aka Lee Gak make face of surprise too and questions. to be continued.

I still cant wait for this drama.

M y comment and expectation is:

  • Seeing Bak Ha not Happy Lee Gak wanna make Bak Ha happy, to bring her playing something. When see BakHa smile he starts have a feeling. Oh My God!! Or not, because LG still have interest with the beautiful face of SeNa.
  • If Lee Gak knows the true of what truth Sena is, I think he will do what Bak Ha does, drink Soju without whipped cream.. Feeling empty, until the bitternes is disappeared.
  • I dont want the story ending, if, when Bak Ha doing something to Tae Yong if he is not dead. such as: just smile each other when they meet again after last time in New York. or else. i dont know.
  • Lee Gak found that the crown princess is actually is BuYong not Hwa Yong. After he comeback to Joseon, he found and meets BuYong. or if the Crown Princess is really dead. Ah..still confuse, even i give my comment on my blog, many speculation that cant guess easily for the viewers, this is my first feeling for curious from such drama..hehe (and the ANSWER is Bu Yong actually died and Princess still alive)
  • I love to make them ship for each other, Lee Gak and BakHa or Lee Gak and BuYong (didn’t happen) or BakHa and Tae Yong . but Tae Yong have no story with BakHa even though Tae Yong has interest to her. still..must have start from the first to approach BakHa, i am sure BakHa cant forget LeeGak. So what we should do to Tae Yong..ah poor TaeYong. Until now no Clue where is Tae Yong..Jebal dorawa TaeYong-a!! (Tae Yong alive now, and maybe step by step enter to Bak Ha’s heart)
  • I still have feeling that this story make me dejavu, just to feel like..feel like,that feel, this feel like i have been read this story or some comic have this story, but dont know, this is just my feeling i think..ahhh..!
  • Until now i just can guess that far, hehe..I will wait for the next clue of Butterfly.
  • And about the question or riddle by Crown Prince “what is dies despite living and lives despite dying?”, I read on Soompi forum and they are so enjoying to find the answer, while wait for Wed and Thurs I read it..I like it too..keke..they have the answer for the question, such Butterfly, Memories and far, Butterfly and Memories are the one that I think the exactly answer, [ah still cant find the answer too..] :). But while thinking I found something and  I have a thought about a (1) ‘Day’, I mean about Moon (달 빛) and Sun (햇빛)..A ‘day’ will gone while a sunset and no light, Moon will come while day become dark. Moon and Sun to accompany the day. I don’t know how to explain but that’s my thought. then, (2) Time (시간), time will go leaving the past, then future will come, but the past will never gone forever. For number two I think this is similar with Memories. So that’s what I thought. It plays my logical and i feel dizzy. kekeke~ (Big Wrong haha)
  • Thank you Writer of Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) are really do a good job..Love this Drama!!
  • The Answer is Bu Yong (Lotus), I don’t really know what it is but it can real live even its dies.. I want to see it..


by Naila (나일라) ^^

pic credit to SBS official, source: soompi.



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