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[MV] FT. Island mini album baru ke empat – GROWN-UP

Setelah membuat album remake “Memori in FTisland”, kini FT Island akan membuat mini album yang terdiri 5 lagu. [actually I am a Primdonna that not unoficially registered and really want to registered on official fan club.]

Full MV tanggal 31 Januari 2012

애프티아일랜드 미니앨범 4집 – GROWN-UP

01. 지독하게
02. 친구마저 잃었다
03. 난 못난 사람입니다
04. 다 큰 남자가…
05. 애인이 돼 주길 바래요

01 Severely
02 Even Lost a Friend
03 I’m a Fool
04 All Grown-up Man…
05 Wish You’d Be My Lover

FT Island returns more mature than ever with their fourth mini-album, “Grown-Up”. The title track is “Severely”, a Kim Do Hun and Lee Sang Ho composition. Penned by Han Sung Ho, this song is about being in misery for being unable to let go of a past lover. Also included in the album is “I’m a Fool” which incorporates beautiful guitar riffs in the bridge section of the song.

can’t wait for this



i am a korean lover

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