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Park Shi Hoo menjaga janjinya

Sudah menjadi seperti tradisi bahwa Park Si Hoo apabila dramanya akan berakhir dia akan menonton dengan fans setia nya. Seperti pada jumpa fans mini di drama Prosecutor Princess kemudian Queen of Reversals dan kini pada Princess’ Man.

Park: “Watching the finale together is like a promise with my fans. I was able to complete this project because my fans cheered me on, so watching the finale with them is a small way that I can repay their support.”

The event — a mini fanmeeting, with the finale screening and a question-and-answer session — will take place in Seoul as the finale airs on October 6, and Park Shi-hoo will be headed straight into shoots for his upcoming film I Am a Murderer with Jung Jae-young.

Park Shi-hoo will be playing a serial killer who gets prosecuted and does his time, and ends up writing a bestseller that details his crimes called I Am a Murderer. HA. I already love this premise. Okay, so serial killer turns bestselling author (true crime in the most literal sense of the genre), and then apparently something happens to make him a suspect in a fresh set of killings. That means he’s out of jail, right? But what kind of serial killer doesn’t serve multiple life sentences?

Jung Jae-young plays the dogged homicide detective who goes after the case, and the killer-turned-author-maybe-turned-killer-again. That sounds like a great psychological thriller mixed with action, and if he were a reformed killer who advised the cops on murderer psychology, they’d have a TV show. Wouldn’t they make the best odd couple?

Park is currently starring in the KBS fusion historical drama The Princess’s Man, and Jung’s latest film Countdown with Jeon Do-yeon is in theaters now. I Am a Murderer will be helmed by PD Jung Byung-gil of action-comedy-documentary Action Boys, and starts shooting October 7.



cr: Dramabeans & 朴施厚 Park Si Hoo 박시후



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