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Hyun Bin -Actor of the week

Hyun Bin -Actor of the week

If a lot of you are like me, and rarely know the names of the actors in the dramas/movies you watch, you’re probably wondering who’s Hyun Bin? Most of you probably know him from the recent hit drama Secret Garden. He plays as Kim Joo-Won in it. In order to honor his amazing performance in Secret Garden(and to give our viewers a bridge to view more of his great acting) we’ve decided to post the dramas where he had a main role, as well as some of his movies.
His drama:
-Kim Sam Soon
-Snow Queen
-World Within
-Friend Our Legend
-Millionaire First Love
-Daddy Long Legs
-I am Happy
-Spin Kick

Unfortunately, Hyun bin will be doing his mandatory 21 month military service starting in March of this year. However, before then he’s going to be doing 2 movies, Late Autumn(which will be entirely in English!) and Come Rain Come Shine. Lets hope he does well in those as well. Hopefully after his military service he will come back with some great movies and dramas for our viewing pleasure. Hyun Bin…. Aja Fighting!

We at DramaCrazy hope Hyun Bin, as well as all our viewers have a great 2011. And as always, we will be doing our best to make DramaCrazy more enjoyable for everyone.

– DramaCrazy Staff



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