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Shining Inheritance/Briliant Legacy eps 3 (recaps)

Brilliant Legacy Episode 3 Recap

Eun Sung can’t fathom at all why she ever met a guy as arrogant and mean like Hwan. She was not able to receive any call because Hwan broke it by stomping on it. She learned later on that Eun Woo is missing.

Meanwhile the evil stepmom is driving off somewhere with Eun Woo outside of Seoul. She bought him some chocolate to appease him somehow. She left him outside a home and instructed him that if he wanted to be with his sister he must not call them at all. She told him to just wait there and follow someone in going inside. She just left the poor boy on the street. When she was about to enter her car to leave, someone who knew her saw her and tried talking to her but she denied that she was the same person and left in a hurry.

If there are things that I cannot and will not forgive are people like her. He is already a special child with autism and it is a terrible sin for anyone to take advantage of that kind of weakness.

Anyway, Eun Sung was devastated from losing her brother. Seung Mi on the other hand was filled with guilt as she was able to see how Eun Sung was faring. Her mom, went home to find Seung Mi sleeping in the couch. She took her mobile phone and changed the number.

Meanwhile, Jun Se was feeling guilty as well for just by knowing his friend who dumped Eun Sung the moment he realized that she’s no longer wealthy. He went out to buy her a phone to replace the one which Hwan broke. He was somehow able to give it to Eun Sung making up an excuse as to why he is helping her. He even volunteered to make print outs so that they can find Eun Woo better. Jun Se even talked to Hye Ri, Eun Sung’s friend and made an arrangement with her so he can help her without Eun Sung knowing about it. When Hye Ri asked him why he was helping, he told her that a friend of him is indebted to Eun Sung and he was repaying it.

Hwan’s mother on the other hand is trying to convince her mother in law to help Seung Mi’s mother to get a franchise of their business. She is keen on getting Seung Mi as a daughter in law.

Hwan is creating more trouble in his grandmother’s company. He was assigned in the main branch, had a major disagreement with the manager mainly because he does not want to work and so he disrespected everyone there. He was so arrogant that he even punched the manager on the face.

The grandmother was so mad and frustrated when she learned of it. She instructed her grandson, Hwan to apologize to the manager. Hwan did go to the main branch but not to apologize but to brag even more by paying the manager for the trouble he caused. Naturally, the manager reported back to the grandmother who by the way is the President of the beef soup empire.

Granny was even more upset that she could have a hand in rearing a grandson as bad and ill-mannered as Hwan. She always impart to everyone about being fair and respectful to others and that no one should feel above others or treat people as beneath them. She goes to the extent of saying that she was so embarrassed to be his grandmother.

Hwan on the other hand was so shocked at his grandmother’s perspective on things and when he went to his room with her mom and sister, he told them that the moment she died, he will sell the business and build a more glamorous business. It seems that Hwan hate the beef soup business.

Granny heard everything and was so depressed. She then dressed up in her old selling clothes and told the butler that she needs to think things over.

Meanwhile, Eun Sung decided to sell dumplings and soup on the street to earn money. The grandmother was there also trying to sell something. Maybe it is her therapy whenever she is stressed out. The problem is that another vendor is claiming her spot so she was asked to move.

Then the granny seems to be on a time-warp as she thought she saw a child running. She was hallucinating. She thought that it was her child running and so she kept on following the child that it led her to fall in some stairs.

Eun Sung saw her sprawled at the bottom of the stairs and she brought her to the hospital. Apparently, Granny has a temporary amnesia and so the kind-hearted Eun Sung could not leave her.

If I missed anything out, I do apologize I just write what I remember. I am not supposed to recap this series. I am supposed to just make some comments but I found myself typing away.

Three episodes done 13 more to go. I just hope I will be able to do some more this weekend.



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