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“Hero” – Lee Jun Ki (eps 6)

Episode 6

Yong-deok was planning to tell Do-hyuk something but by now, Do-hyuk is seriously distracted by the phone call he had just received. Your parents were murdered. Do you want to know more about it? He’s shocked but keeps the caller’s revelation to himself and excuses himself, telling Yong-deok they will have to talk later. Yong-deok, not aware that a storm is brewing, beams (that’s an exaggeration but it’s a rare moment to see an emotion on that deadpanned face) at the mirror as he holds the tie up against his chest.

Chil-sung cannot wait to do Do-hyuk the favor by revealing his parents’ murderer but Do-hyuk, though emotional, still has his analytical mind intact. Before he’s ready to listen, he demands to know who Chil-sung is. Chil-sung tells him that he was formerly the No. 2 in the triad, and that Jin Eon was silenced because he had dug too deep into Yong-deok’s illegal affairs. He cannot bear to see Do-hyuk being used by his parents’ murderer, which is why he has taken it upon himself to reveal the truth. That done, he leaves, clearly pleased with his plan.

Meanwhile, a little light moment (before the storm crashes down) at the Yongdeok Ilbo office. Yong-deok has his tie on, Joon-hyung comments that it’s nice. Yong-deok tells them that it’s a gift, to be precise it’s a BIRTH.DAY.GIFT. ( I love how he emphasized 생.일. 선.물 and expecting something, or merely to scare the guys a little?) It’s a scrambling mess as the team tries to ignore the expensive hint. Then, Do-hyuk returns with a look on his face that’s screaming murder but no one notices. Yong-deok wants to continue the talk, but he and everyone are soon taken aback when Do-hyuk screams, “Talk? What do you want to talk about? Hoodlum!Trash! Murderer! Why is a murderer dabbling in a news agency? Shut it down!” Everyone catches hold of him as he sweeps everything off the desks in anger. “I’m such a fool! How could I have seen my father in a person like you? I…..!” Unable to finish his sentence, Do-hyuk leaves in tears.

Jae-in is at the prosecutor’s office, arguing her case. Citing irrelevant evidence to consider Madam P’s disappearance as a kidnap, the prosecutor refuses to budge. Seeing that the situation is getting out of hand, Detective Na mediates by proposing that they allow to pursue the case if they are able to get their hands on more evidence. Much as Mr. Prosecutor intends to cover the case, he has no choice but to agree as it’s not against police procedure. Detective Na says his thanks and pushes Jae-in out of the door. Outside, he advises Jae-in that she should know better than go head-to-head with the prosecutor. Even if the existing evidence is not sufficient, they know the case is legitimate based on Do-hyuk’s investigation. Jae-in hushes him at that point, probably fearing that the little tidbit of information might jeopardize the case. For now, they decide to locate the abductor first.

Mr. Prosecutor calls Hae-sung, much as he wants to help Chairman Choi, the matter has taken a turn and there’s only so much he can do. Hae-sung tells his boss that the police is continuing with the investigation despite he having tried to put a lid on it. He tells Chairman Choi to let him in on the secret, he needs to know that much in order to help him with the matter. Chairman Choi merely asks him to help Chil-sung on the quiet.

Yong-deok knows that Chil-sung is responsible for planting the murder accusation on him and he also knows that Chil-sung had committed the hit and run. Chil-sung mocks him – is he still unaware why he had spent the 15 long years in prison? There’s no way he’s able to meet Chairman Choi head on although he admits that he doesn’t think that the Chairman is crime-free either. Yong-deok serves him another hit before leaving.

Jae-in arrives at the cafe, she sees her mother outside, seemingly waiting for someone. Myung-hee tells her that a customer should have arrived but he’s not here yet. They turn to enter the cafe when Jae-in sees Do-hyuk. Myung-hee serves him tea, asks about the kids and leaves. Detective Na is already waiting outside, she asks if he wants her to give him an introduction? He’s happy (?) when he sees that Jae-in is with Do-hyuk. He tells Myung-hee that he doesn’t want to intrude as Jae-in is dating. He then offers to send Myung-hee home.

Inside the cafe, silence persists. Jae-in asks if Do-hyuk is not talking? He’s so unlike his usual self today.

“Can you re-open the investigation for the traffic accident 15 years ago?”
“Traffic accident…? The police only keeps records dating back to 5 years ago. The hospital keeps them for 10 years. 15 years might be a long shot. But why? If… it’s 15 years ago….about your parents?” He nods, telling her that it’s not a traffic accident, it’s a premeditated accident of someone’s orchestration.
“No, that’s not right. If I know who’s the murderer…”
“It’s pointless. The statutory limit for murder is….”
“15 years?”
“The same applies for a double murder?” Jae-in can only look down in helplessness.

They move on to an eatery for drinks. Seeing Do-hyuk downing his drinks, Jae-in tells him to have some food to go with it.

“Do you know who murdered your parents?”
“I know too. I know who killed my father. A thief. He stabbed my father. Despite being stabbed, my father held on to him.”
“It’s a dangerous job. Why be a cop? You should have resisted it.”
“An offender must be punished. I want to complete what my father wasn’t able to do. If my father had not caught that thief then, who knows who else he would have harmed?” Do-hyuk smiles, commenting that she’s spouting nonsense.
“You are smiling.” Jae-in smiles at the sight of his happy face.
“For what?”
“For saying these.”
“It’s the first time I’m consoling someone. It’s too hard. One can only have the right to console someone after having being through the same pain. I never thought that I would be using my father’s story at a time like this.”

Ho-kyung suggests to Hae-sung that she moves in with him after their engagement since they will be living together once they are married. Hae-sung, being a smooth talker (and clearly not in agreement with that idea), tells her that since she will be leaving her parents once she’s married, she should fulfill her duty as a daughter now that she’s still with them. He asks why she’s hurrying to get married? Because I love you very much, she says.

A tipsy Jae-in and a VERY tipsy Do-hyuk are walking home after their drinks. Everything is fine for a while. She asks how he is, he replies that he’s good. They make silly jokes until she starts speaking informally to him. He looks tanked but catches on that slip-up almost instantly.

“Are you speaking informally to your oppa now?”
“That’s right. Oppa.”
“OPPA? you want me to address you as oppa….Huh, oppa?”
“Hey. That sounds just nice. Say it again, huh? Op..ppa..” Jae-in drops the clownish act and puts on a stern look.
“Oppa…? We’re of the same age.”
“How did you know that? You checked on me behind my back?”
“Aren’t you classmates with Reporter Kang?” (indicating he’s of the same age as Hae-sung)
“Oh…Reporter Kang. That two-timing Reporter Kang.”
“That’s wasn’t funny.” He does that SORRY SORRY mimic, stumbles, toppling both of them to the ground, breaking out in a silly laughter.

Jae-in sits up, pokes him in the chest, asking if he’s asleep and that he can’t be lying out here, but he’s unresponsive. She grabs his jacket to pull him up into a sitting position. Before she knows it, he falls onto her, lying on her shoulder and clutching her arm as he sleeps. She’s surprised for a second, then her hand comes up to pat his back comfortingly, fingers stroking his hair; her chin leans down lightly, continuing to pat him as he sleeps….

(WOW! Double WOW! I didn’t see that one coming and it’s a scene wonderfully done! Now I’ve got another memorable scene to pocket in my memory. When Jae-in’s hand came up, deciding if she should touch Do-hyuk, I was betting my last penny that she’s going to withdraw that unruly hand of hers, because that’s what all the kdramas characters are doing!!! That frustrates me to no end. Love her/him, hold and put a touch on it, for goodness sake! So when she actually gave in and did it, my breath caught. Why is this scene so good for me? Because she doesn’t look like she’s a mother comforting a child, neither is she a woman comforting a lover, not even a friend comforting out of sympathy. She’s comforting without thought, barely thinking if it’s proper to be even doing it. She’s just giving in to her feelings (whatever it is at that moment), experiencing that surreal moment as she (possibly) tries to make sense why she’s not letting this man drop to the ground instead of wanting to offer him some comfort. Definitely one of the most sedate screen chemistry.)

Not far away, Hae-sung is in his car, taking in every detail of Jae-in’s action and he looks defeated.

Do-hyuk is completely knocked out, Jae-in piggy-backs him home, to the surprise of Do-hee and the kids. Do-hee tells Sol to bring the camera, she might just be able to squeeze some cash out of Do-hyuk for this picture. Jae-in pleads for her to help in taking off the load from her back, she’s cold and tired. Do-hee tells her to just let him down, he’s not a piece of expensive treasure anyway. Taking in Do-hee’s calmness, Jae-in stopped herself from asking if she knew about her parents’ murder. As Jae-in turns to leave, Do-hee asks if she’s dating Do-hyuk? She tells Jae-in that her brother has never dated in his life. He looks strong but he’s just a kid and knowing that Jae-in already has a boyfriend, she hopes that Jae-in does not hurt Do-hyuk by two-timing him. Jae-in leaves with a good amount of confusion.

Do-hee and Sol drags Do-hyuk into his room, just as Do-hee finishes tucking him in, she hears him crying. She’s surprised, touches his face and felt tears. Do-hee wipes his tears and Do-hyuk grabs his sister’s hand, searching for a familiar warmth. Though not knowing what is causing Do-hyuk’s sorrow, she pats him back to sleep.

(I like how they are showing Do-hee giving Do-hyuk that patting on his back and stroking his hair, like Jae-in was doing earlier. I think it puts Jae-in’s feelings in a better perspective now that there’s a comparison in how the simple action is giving out different vibes. Do-hee’s movement is sure, constant and bold because they are family, whereas Jae-in’s is slow, light and unsure as if fearing to trespass certain boundaries with an intimate action.)

Sang-cheol wakes up in the middle of the night to see Yong-deok staring out of the window. He tells Young-deok to speak to Do-hyuk even if he wouldn’t believe him. Yong-deok prefers to let him have time to think about the matter, he can wait till then. He tells Sang-cheol that Chairman Choi had imprisoned him for 15 years and that he doesn’t even know the reason for warranting that long punishment.

As I suspected, Chairman Choi is indeed branching out to the politics arena. Preparations are in place as he tells Hae-sung to ignore the gossips and just help run his business since he will be busy from now. He’s meeting Hae-sung’s mother today about engagement matters and he hopes Hae-sung picks an early date to finalize the union. Later, Hae-sung brings his mother to shop for new clothes and before meeting up with his boss, he reminds his mother to tell Chairman Choi that she wants Hae-sung to get married later. She’s puzzled but he doesn’t offer more explanation.

Another piece of puzzle emerges to create more mind-guessing games in the already-secrets-ridden plot. Hae-sung’s mother is angered, then shaken when she learns that her future in-law runs the Daese Group. She looks at Hae-sung in anger, begins to reprimand him about something when Hae-sung looks at her imploringly. She gets his message and keeps mum but shaking so badly that she breaks a glass. Taking her carelessness for frustration at Hae-sung for keeping her in the dark about his bride’s social status, Chairman Choi makes light of the matter (or would he be already suspecting?).

Back at his apartment, Hae-sung tries to ignore his mother’s questioning by telling to return home early and giving her a card to get a new hanbok for his engagement. She doesn’t let up.

“What are you doing? Are you seeking revenge? From when you studied so hard till you got a job at Daese Ilbo, I tried to turn a blind eye. After all, it’s a good company. But the daughter of Daese’s Chairman? Engagement?”
“It’s not what you think.”
“Then why do you want to delay the wedding? Don’t think of lying. Tell me what you’ve been hiding from me.”
“Go home.”
“If that’s indeed your real intention. Do you think your father will be happy? Do you think that this is what he wants you to do?”
“I don’t care about that. I’m doing this willingly.”
“What will your late father think?”
“I don’t know.”
“How can you not know? Of a parent’s hope for their children? It’s your happiness! Hae-sung…”
“I will be happy. Just not now.”

Do-hyuk is a mess. His room is littered with his father’s stuff and lots and lots of empty soju bottles and ramen bowls. He’s lying on the floor, dishevelled and lifeless. Sol lets out a light sigh as she bids him farewell, barely able to hear his reply. Do-hee brings him food, telling him to eat even if he doesn’t want to get up. “Is it because of that woman? Hey! Being in love with a woman who’s already attached will only hurt you.” Do-hyuk tells his sister he gets it and tells her to stop bothering him. He sits up after she has left, grabs a glass of water and scans the papers. Despite his own pathetic state, he manages to work up some anger at the news. Hae-sung’s engagement.

Myung-hee is shocked, and even more so when she realizes that Jae-in knew about Hae-sung having another girl. She starts cursing Hae-sung and asks why she was seeing him knowing that he has someone else. Jae-in explains that she didn’t know then and when she did, she stopped seeing him. She tells her mother to stop reading the news and eat, putting up a brave front, as if not affected by the engagement news. But she is.

Detective Na comes into the office, discouraged by the dead leads once again. They are searching for Madam P’s son but it’s another futile effort. Seeing Jae-in in a gloom, he suggests a drink but she takes her leave. Outside, she gets a text message from Do-hyuk, inviting her for a drink. She’s about to reply him when his voice tells her to save the money for replying a text message and reply him now. She’s surprised to see him, tells him that she wants to do something else instead of drinking. Both of them vent their frustrations at the indoor amusement arcade. Then for a round of drinks. Do-hyuk is surprised yet again to see her chug down a mug of beer.

“Didn’t you say you aren’t drinking?”
“This is only beer.”
“OK. I will give you a piggy-back tonight. Drink to your heart’s content.”
“Forget about it. What have you been up to these couple of days?”
“Why? Are you worried about me?”
“What’s there to worry? I’m merely waiting for the follow-up news report to the murder case. When are you going to quit behaving like this?”
“We still need to look for Madam P. The kid. The abductor.” Do-hyuk continues to draw a silence. “Didn’t you say your parents were murdered? I would love to do things by the law too but what if nothing lawful can be done because the case has been dragged out for too long? You are a reporter, aren’t you? Although I don’t know who’s the murderer, you can write about it, can’t you? Make use of society’s pressure to bury him.”
“He has been buried. He has nothing more to lose.”
“He’s someone you know?”
“Then, forgive him.” Do-hyuk looks up in surprise at her words. “It has been a long time and it’s painful, but do it not for him. Do it for yourself.” He gives it a moment of thought then says something which is totally out of context.
“Do you know?”
“It’s too much of a waste for you to be with Kang Hae-sung.” A simple sentence bearing too deep a meaning. Surprise, then silence. After a while, Do-hyuk suggests they leave. He will send her home.

That night, Do-hyuk looks at their first issue and remembers his encounters with Yong-deok. He seems to have reached a decision. Same night, Yong-deok looks at the news about Chairman Choi’s political ambitions. He’s angry and crushes the newspaper.

The rest of the guys are discussing about that piece of front page news too. Man-soo wonders if they should attend the press con but Ga-yeon reminds him their readers have no interest in such news. Man-soo starts to grumble about Do-hyuk’s absence and that veers into his previous animosity towards Yong-deok and accusation of murder. Joon-hyuk wonders who he had murdered to have riled Do-hyuk to that extent. Ga-yeon is puzzled too, it’s not as if it’s someone Do-hyuk knows. Man-soo tells them it couldn’t be true – would Yong-deok be imprisoned for only 15 years if he has indeed committed murder? (Which brings me to think that Yong-deok was imprisoned for exactly 15 years so that he wouldn’t report Chairman Choi’s involvement in the murder until the statutory limit has ended.)

Yong-deok comes down to the office just then, disappointed to see that Do-hyuk is still absent. Then Do-hee arrives to speak to him about Do-hyuk. She’s worried, did something happened? He’s spending his days drinking and sleeping only. She wonders if she can come work in his place to earn some money. Yong-deok wants to know how did both of them survive after their parents’ death.

She tells him that Do-hyuk might have been shocked by the accident, resulting in a period of reactive mutism – just like her son Jung is now. Yong-deok is curious to know what’s wrong with the little boy. Do-hee tells him that he has not spoken since witnessing his father beat Do-hee to almost half-death. She’s blames herself for being a troublemaker but what’s she supposed to do? She has neither skills or knowledge but they scrapped by in life by depending on Do-hyuk laboring through odd jobs then.

Jung is trying to poke Do-hyuk awake. He doesn’t move until he hears a familiar but hated voice in his house. He dashes out and demands to know what Yong-deok is doing here? Sang-cheol holds him back, Do-hee is shocked by his violent attitude as he tries to lunge for Yong-deok. Calm as ever, Yong-deok suggests they have a private talk.

“I didn’t kill anyone.”
“And you’re wanting me to believe that? Fine, I believe you. Satisfied?”
“If I had murdered your parents, I wouldn’t have been imprisoned. I was imprisoned precisely because I did not carry out the murder.” Yong-deok tells him that Chairman Choi had told him to get rid of Jin Eon.
“You are talking about Daese Ilbo’s Choi Il-do? The man who’s running for presidency? He told you to kill my father? You think I’m buying that?”
“I never lie.”
“Why then? Why would Choi Il-do want for my father to be killed?”


The reason being Jin Eon was digging too much into Chairman Choi’s illegal dealings – bribery and triad violence -and that would prove to be a burden for him if the news gets out. Removing Jin Eon from his job is not enough for he may join some other press agency or even go to the police. He hands Yong-deok a picture of Jin Eon and pleads for him to help him for the last time. Yong-deok rejects him outright, “I can’t do it” and prepares to alight from the vehicle when Chairman Choi brings up his little daughter. Left with no choice as his family’s safety is at stake, Yong-deok tells him that this will be his last job and he doesn’t want Chairman Choi looking for him ever again.

[….end of flashbacks….]

“Why didn’t you do it then?”
“Because I saw you. I saw you running along with that umbrella.”
“So what you’re saying is, that driver in the truck…”
“That’s what I’ve been telling you. He’s the one who had murdered your parents.”

Do-hyuk tears at that revelation, still trying to digest the information. He laughs mockingly at Yong-deok, praising his cock-and-bull story-telling. Then he leaves.

Hae-sung is finally on that highest seat, pleased with himself for achieving another rung of success on his vengeance strategy. He accompanies his father-in-law to the press con and addresses the start of the conference when….a bunch of rowdy reporters arrive. The Yongdeok Ilbo gems! Just as Chairman Choi is vexing over the sudden gatecrash, he gets a call from Yong-deok who’s wanting to have a chit-chat session with him. Chairman Choi says it’s not a good time now and Yong-deok reminds him that his staff are at the press con, so unless he’s wanting to see things turn ugly for him, he’d better find time.He has no choice but to ask Hae-sung to hold the fort till he returns. Hae-sung knows something’s up but there’s nothing he can do. He delays the event for another 30 minutes, earning the grumbles of the press. The Yongdeok Ilbo guys and gal high-fives their success.

At the rooftop, Chairman Choi breaks the silence first.

“Say what you want. I can promise you anything. Is it money?”
“Are you running in the election? Would the society allow a murderer to run [for election]?”
“I never killed anyone.”
“But you did order someone else to do it, didn’t you?”
“You back out, didn’t you? Jo Yong-deok. It’s been 15 years. Too much time have gone by. It’s my world now. The society belongs only to the able.”
“No. The truth will surface someday. You do remember what kind of person I am, don’t you? I never lie and I make good on my promise. Since I’m warning you now, you should know it won’t be easy for you to attain your goal.”
“Stop antagonizing me. What was his name? Jin Eon? Killing off a third rate reporter is of no effort. I can do worse things as long as it gets in my way!” He leaves the rooftop.

The camera gives a wide shot and somewhere higher, Do-hyuk is in hiding, with earphones and a voice transmitter. He crumbles, eyes redden as he finally gets the truth he has been searching for.

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