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“Hero” – Lee Jun Ki (eps 5)

Episode 5

Do-hyuk returns to the office to see his colleagues packing their stuff. No amount of his persuasion is able to change their mind.

Yong-deok is meeting with Chil-sung, he knows that he’s behind the damage done to Yongdeok Ilbo. Chil-sung doens’t deny it but asks him in return isn’t revenge his purpose in setting up a news agency? Yong-deok tells Chil-sung that he knows best about why he had landed up in prison. Can Chil-sung still trust Chairman Choi based on that? Chil-sung is not swayed, vowing his loyalty to his boss. Yong-deok tells him that regardless of what they do, he will not be stopped. Before he leaves,Yong-deok asks him if he remembers what had happened on the night before he was apprehended? Chil-sung feigns ignorance, asking why he’s bringing up a matter that had happened so long ago?

Chil-sung continues to tail Yong-deok and seeing Do-hyuk perks his curiosity. He tells his man to look into Do-hyuk’s background.

Jae-in instructs her men to stay on Madam P’s case, Detective Na doesn’t like the idea of staying late for work and mutters that she is now Do-hyuk’s girl after just spending some time with him, that she had become so involved with his case. She is offended and tells them to stay for some physical training. They get seriously beaten up by her.

Ho-kyung tells Hae-sung that she’s intending to run her mother’s art gallery after their marriage. She thinks it’s a good idea since he’s taking over her father’s business too.

Hae-sung is outside Jae-in’s house. He has been waiting for her as she had promised to call him when she gets back. He senses that something’s wrong and surprisingly, she doesn’t avoid the topic. She tells him that she had seen him with another girl and that he shouldn’t her made her misunderstand his intentions towards her. He tells her that they should talk. Do-hyuk, on his way home, sees them together and he’s not too happy about it.

Later, during dinner. Detective Na, tipsy, grumbles to Do-hyuk about Jae-in. He asks Do-hyuk if he likes Jae-in (and Do-hyuk says yes because Na keeps pressing him) and that he should date her to get her off their back. Why didn’t he start something with her when they were at the countryside? Do-hyuk, already in a lousy mood, feels worse now. He goes home to another confrontation with his sister. She’s not happy about how he had set up the agency with underhand means. She rubs salt by telling him not to disappoint their late parents.

Hae-sung apologizes to Jae-in and admits he likes her and finds himself drawn to her without much reason. Jae-in asks him what he’s expecting from her? To continue meeting him despite him having a girlfriend?

“You don’t have to see me if you don’t want to.”
“I don’t want to see you anymore. The only thing I’ve been thinking is that you are a jerk.”
“At least believe that I never lied to you. I want you to know my feelings for you are true. It wouldn’t be too long from now. When I’ve settled things, I’ll tell you about what’s going on.”
“About what?”
“About why I’m doing this. About why I’m…..” The suspense hangs along with his mid sentence.

Do-hyuk looks for Yong-deok after he has repeatedly ignored his calls. He begs his boss to carry on with running the newspaper. Yong-deok tells him if he can indeed fulfill his promise to be as outstanding as his late father, then he’ll forgive them for lying to him too (about MONDAY SEOUL reporters).

Yong-deok wants to set things right before they start afresh with running Yong-deok Ilbo so he offers his apologies to his former subordinates and associates about squeezing them for financial aid. He kneels to to them, seeking forgiveness, returned what was taken and offers to pay rent for their existing office space.

The granny who had found her dog because of Man-soo’s help, passed on in her sleep. Man-soo was informed because his number was the only number they found in her phone. Knowing that her son is rushing home from overseas, the gang helps out with her funeral matters. Her son is extremely grateful, promising never to forget their kindness. As they leave the hospital, Man-soo announces that he’s returning to work at Yongdeok Ilbo and persuades the others to join him. They agree.

They are vexing about the lack of funds which will hamper their next publication, when Eun-shik (photographer) suggests putting the newspaper online. They retain their original concept of being a voice for aggrieved citizens but Do-hyuk still thinks they lack an exclusive content, until he hits upon an idea. What they decide to do is to put up videos, teaching people to guard themselves against bullying. Who better to teach them the tricks than the triad leader himself.

Do-hyuk goes to see Jae-in upon her request. The police has confirmed that Madam P’s case is indeed an abduction. Do-hyuk blames them for not acting upon it fast enough, it has dragged on for too long. Jae-in tells him that their leads all ran cold, they had checked into Madam P’s kid but there wasn’t any records. Do-hyuk chides her for relying solely on documentation proof, wouldn’t Madam P have kept the kid a secret to protect him? He continues to criticize her – has she gotten her head too full with her love life that it’s hampering her ability to work? Isn’t she foolish to continue meeting Hae-sung after seeing him with another girl? He’s not interested in a gullible person handling the case, then he stalks out. She asks where he’s going and he tells her to follow if she’s curious. Her men are left puzzled by the outburst of words (that had veered out of the case context), they are even surprised that she’s actually running out after Do-hyuk. Then one of them comments that they must be dating.

They go to Madam P’s apartment. Jae-in distracts the guard while Do-hyuk climbs his way into the apartment. The climb is so difficult that he couldn’t help scolding himself for being a busybody and landing himself in this situation. Jae-in grumbles that he’s taking too long to do the job, if she had known, she would have done it in his stead (that’s why he was making faces behind her back). Do-hyuk finally finds the evidence that confirms Madam P has a son.

Chil-sung assures Chairman Choi that Yongdeok Ilbo has ceased operations and he shouldn’t concern himself over Yong-deok. That applies to Madam P and her son too. Then we see Madam P being imprisoned somewhere with her wrist cuffed.

Do-hyuk sends Jae-in back to the station. She has agreed to pass over the CCTV videos and pictures to Do-hyuk for him to do a write-up. He asks for her assistance to grant his reporters some news leads should they come by. His curiosity got the best of him for he couldn’t stifle the nagging urge to ask about things between she and Hae-sung, throwing up a couple of prompt questions to get her talking. She tells him that the lady is Hae-sung’s girlfriend and she has decided not to see him anymore. Back at the station, she tells her men to check for more leads regarding Madam P’s case. Then she notices that Detective Na is absent.

He’s with her mother, and Myung-hee is taken aback to learn of his occupation. She tells him that her late husband was a cop who had died in the line of duty. Detective Na quickly tells her that he doesn’t get himself into dangerous situations, also he has been considering quitting. She tells him that her daughter is a cop too and before he can fully absorb that, Jae-in is back. She doesn’t notice him but he did and scurries away.

At Yongdeok Ilbo, they are working late into the night getting Madam P’s story out but Do-hyuk is very distracted about what he has just learned about Hae-sung and Jae-in. He’s knocked out of his reverie when Sang-cheol comes down, wanting to prepare some seaweed for Yong-deok’s birthday the next day. It’s his first birthday in 15 years and he wants him to have some good soup at least.

The next day, Madam P’s news alarms Chairman Choi. Chil-sung apologizes for his blunder, he calls Hae-sung, demanding to know why he has yet to put a lid on the investigation? But Hae-sung hangs up on him, he’s already at the prosecutor’s office and sure enough, Jae-in receives the no-go on Madam P’s case. She’s shocked and sets off to the prosecutor’s office to make clear on the matter.

Meanwhile, Chil-sung is in for some shock too when he realizes that Do-hyuk is Jin Eon’s son. His flashbacks tells us that he was the driver of the truck that had killed Do-hyuk’s parents. Chairman Choi had sent him as a backup, in case Yong-deok backs out. If he accomplished the task, then Yong-deok’s seat in the triad will be his. Pondering about the matter, an idea descends on him.

Do-hyuk presents his boss with a birthday gift. Yong-deok is happy about receiving a gift after such a long time and thanks him for his thoughtfulness. Do-hyuk tells him that he was merely fulfilling a wish of his own too. He tells Yong-deok that his late father would be of the same age with Yong-deok if he were alive. He had thought about his father and wanting to send the gift…With the subject broached, Yong-deok says he has something to tell him BUT Chil-sung beats him to it by calling Do-hyuk and asking him if he wants to know more about how his parents had died.

(maybe till now the pic is less than you expected because it’s so limit to take the pic, sorry for this)




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