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“Hero” – Lee Jun Ki (eps 4)

Episode 4

There isn’t a great deal of plot developments for this episode, only secrets unveiled and relationships developing steadily. The episode begins with Do-hyuk distributing his papers at Daese Ilbo, it’s sort of a publicity but I bet he’s doing it just to irk Hae-sung. Hae-sung is irked and confronts him about the article on the redevelopment site. It’s the government decision to push for the project, Daese Group is only involved in running a business and he blames the suicide on the victim’s moment of impulse. Do-hyuk takes offense at his careless attitude towards a man’s death and how Hae-sung is relegating them to a third-rate news agency.

He returns to his office and faces Jae-in, who’s fuming over his report about her discriminating stance towards her cases, in this case, her refusal to aid in searching for Madam P because of her profession. Jae-in tells him that he should follow procedures. Do-hyuk tells her to quit being a stick-in-the-mud, what if all these waiting dissolves into a dead lead? Jae-in is near tears as she confronts him about his conjectures to her work. “DO YOU KNOW ME ALL THAT WELL [to say that]?”

Do-hyuk is beginning to feel bad. I’m expecting him to say “I’m sorry”, instead he says. “I know. I understand. I know you’re not that kind of person. I know you don’t look into cases based on personal judgment. I know that.” Jae-in cools down and he continues. “You helped look for my sister and took care of my niece/nephew. Although you act cold, I know you’re not that kind of person.” She’s not as mad anymore but still frustrated that he had defamed her with that article despite knowing what kind of person she is. Do-hyuk explains that he was desperate, too worried for Madam P. He pleads for her help because Madam P is someone dear to him. Before the fight breathes its last breath, Jae-in clarifies her position. “I admit I’m a stick-in-the-mud but I never once think that is something bad. Regardless of the seriousness of a case; to the people involved, it’s always desperate and important. That is why I’ve to follow procedures.” (I believe by this, she means she cannot afford to jeopardize the cases, which can be so if she ignores lawful procedures.)

Hae-sung shows Chairman Choi a copy of Yongdeok Ilbo and notices a change in his facial expression when he glimpses something in the newspaper. He takes a look when Chairman Choi refuses to admit to it. It’s the report on Madam P. Later, Chairman Choi calls his loyal man Chil-sung and tells him to take care of matters and also reminds him to keep Hae-sung in the dark.

The Youngdeok Ilbo team is celebrating their first publication with a drinking session. After a couple of congratulatory rounds, everyone is tipsy and Ga-yeon’s curiosity takes the first shot at Do-hyuk, asking how’s things going on between him and the female cop? Doesn’t she live nearby, let’s get her to join the party. Do-hyuk tells her to not even go down that road – she has a boyfriend. Man-soo mutters that’s a shame. Ga-yeon chides him for still kissing Jae-in when that’s the case. That’s not a kiss, it’s mouth to mouth resuscitation. Someone asks how was the kiss? Good, Do-hyuk replies to the envy of the others but he’s quick to brush it off as a joke. Ga-yeon doesn’t think so, it’s more likely that he’s trying to convince himself that it’s a joke. He insists it is and tells them that Jae-in is not his type. Women have to be gentle but she’s temperamental, not mentioning her herculean strength. “But THAT’s just your type!” Ga-yeon reminds him. Do-hyuk insists she’s not! Man-soo is envious. Ga-yeon tells him to just date Jae-in and soon the entire team is chanting: “Date her….. Date her…..!”

Jae-in is having trouble sleeping, she mutters that someone must be talking about her for her ears are itching. (I don’t know if it’s only an Asian thing but there’s a saying that if you feel an itch in your ears, then someone must be talking about you.) She’s thinking about what Do-hyuk had told her about Madam P being extremely dear to him. The next day, her mother notices her eye bags, Jae-in tells her that’s because she’s busy with work. She asks her mother if she does think she’s a stick-in-the-mud? Myung-hee tells her that she’s like her late father in that manner – stubbornly hanging on to his principles. Jae-in asks if that’s bad? She never thought so but she’s having doubts about that now. Myung-hee tells her that at times she had wished her late husband was a little craftier at the expense of being a good cop, at least things wouldn’t be this way today. She asks Jae-in if she gotten the reply she’s looking for but Jae-in playfully tells her that she’s even more confused now.

She looks for Do-hyuk and tells him to follow her to the station. He’s surprised that she has agreed to take on the case but she’s still not breaking the rules for him and tells him to wait for a week for the approval to track Madam P through her calls. A week is too long so Do-hyuk looks to Detective Na for help. With Detective Na’s internal social network and Do-hyuk’s sympathy act (he cooks up a story that Madam P is his girlfriend who has broken off with him and left a suicide note), Do-hyuk gets the information he needs.

Chil-sung tells Hae-sung to get Jae-in off Madam P’s case. Hae-sung tells him that he should feed him some information about Chairman Choi and Madam P first before asking for his help. Chil-sung is not intimidated, instead turns the table on Hae-sung by hinting that he has no qualms about hurting Jae-in if that is what it takes to lay her off Madam P’s case. It’s out of goodwill that he’s informing Hae-sung as he knows they are extremely close.

The car that Do-hyuk had seen parked outside the nightclub is a scrap vehicle with a false numberplate. This bit of information has now placed Madam P’s disappearance under greater suspicion, Do-hyuk asks Jae-in to come along with him to Madam P’s hometown to check things out (her last call made out was from a place near her hometown) but Jae-in is too excited about going on a date with Hae-sung. She tells Do-hyuk to wait till they go through the CCTV images to decide what they will do next. Do-hyuk is frustrated that she’s ditching the case to go on a date and leaves in a disgruntled mood. Back home, Do-hyuk flies into another rage when his sister hints if she can ask for money from Yong-deok to settle her debts.

Hae-sung tells Jae-in his point of view about the missing person case. It’s not as serious Do-hyuk as made it out to be because abducting a person is not an easy task. Jae-in tells him that she’s attending to the case out of her acquaintance with Do-hyuk. Hae-sung tells her to be wary of Do-hyuk, he believes that Do-hyuk is using her to gather news for the paper. He then invites her to attend a musical the following night.

The CCTV images show that Madam P’s disappearance indeed requires some in-depth investigation. Jae-in and Do-hyuk leave to check out Madam P’s hometown while the rest of her men begin sourcing for leads. Chil-sung tells his men to stay low for the moment and reminds Hae-sung that Jae-in is in for some trouble if she continues to snoop around the case.

Do-hyuk and Jae-in get into a minor squabble in the car, almost dashing past the traffic lights. Jae-in glares at her driver and indicates that she will drive. The tortoise pace that she’s going on the road is bursting Do-hyuk’s bladder. He couldn’t get off fast enough at the rest stop and dashes for the bathroom. Do-hyuk emerges later, sees an incoming call for Jae-in. It’s Hae-sung who’s expressing displeasure that Jae-in had ignored his advice to stay off the case. He reminds her about the musical, then hangs up abruptly. Jae-in panics, hurries Do-hyuk to get into the car and finish with matters as soon as possible. He replies sarcastically that he should be the one driving if that’s what she wants.

Their search, though not entirely successful, does turn up some information. The last time an acquaintance saw Madam P aka Park Sun-geum, was seven years ago. She was very pregnant and scared when she came looking for a place to stay. But she was soon taken away by some burly figures. The acquaintance guesses that she must have been someone’s mistress and that someone is likely not pleased about the unborn child.

Having gotten what they had come for, Jae-in is now anxious about getting back but Fate has other ideas. The vehicle refuses to come to life and the earliest the mechanic can get the job done is the next morning. She’s more than worried about missing the date with Hae-sung, but Do-hyuk is, as always teasing when Jae-in is concerned, or in reality trying to loosen her up before she agonized herself to death.

“Wow. This is weird.”
“Just like in the movies or dramas, the vehicle breaks down and there’s no ferry either. The male and female protagonists are forced to spend the night together….”
“I’m taking the bus. You can drive the car back tomorrow morning.”

But the mechanic pops the bubble that is her ticket out of here. The last bus has left. Do-hyuk snickers, things are panning out as he had said so. He then asks if there isn’t any available inns for them to spend the night. “Young man, have you been here before? How then are you so informed about our town?” Do-hyuk giggles, turning to Jae-in. “See what I told you?” The mechanic continues. “There’s a place for you to stay for the night, however…there’s only one room.” Do-hyuk lights up – that should be the way. Jae-in just can’t believe her bad luck.

Jae-in calls her mother and subsequently Detective Na to tell them she won’t be back for the night, not aware that they are both together. Detective Na was trying to find out about Myung-hee’s husband when Jae-in called. From their loving conversation, he had assumed Myung-hee was speaking to her husband, when Myung-hee later tells him that she’s a single mother, he’s delighted.

Over dinner, Do-hyuk asks Jae-in if she has contacted her boyfriend, wasn’t she supposed to attend a musical? Jae-in has forgotten all about it and quickly texts an apology to Hae-sung. Hae-sung is not happy about the message, Ho-kyung arrives before he has the time to reply her. He returns to his apartment with Ho-kyung, surprised to see his mother waiting outside. His mother is surprised to see Ho-kyung, not sure who she is but when she realizes, she’s not happy with that look of wealth. Ho-kyung is equally offended by the woman’s careless treatment of her.

Back in his apartment, she tells Hae-sung to look for a suitable woman for a wife. It will do him no good to have a wife who’s superior to him in all ways. She reminds him that it’s his father’s death anniversary but he tell her he’s not going back for it. When asked if she can stay the night before returning home the next day, he prefers that she leaves now. It’s only after her repeated asking, that he relents reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Jae-in keeps peering at her phone, waiting for Hae-sung’s reply. Do-hyuk continues to be nosy.

“What do you like about Kang Hae-sung?”
“Eat your food.”
“When did both of you start dating?”
“Did you tell him we are staying together for the night?”
“You should have told him! Then he will come and pick you up!”
“We aren’t at that stage yet. And I’m sleeping on the floor!”
“By the way, how far have you gone with Kang Hae-sung?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Oh my. You have not held hands?”
“Excuse me!”
“Why the act? You and I…we’ve even kissed, didn’t we?”

She goes for him with a spoon in frustration, he blocks it with a pot lid. He grumbles at her hot temper and she warns him to cut the crap talk. He gives in, telling her to finish her food. Their after-dinner get-together takes on a tamer mood. He offers her hot tea and a jacket to keep from the cold. He mutters that she bears a double personality, she’s nice to people who she’s close with but puts on the cool act with others. She looks at him in silence, he takes it that she’s going to get mad again and hurriedly explains to himself that he understands she needs to be fierce to control her male subordinates.

“Since we are closer now, treat me better in future.”
Jae in nods lightly. “Fine. Like how I treat my ajumma neighbor. You are full of justice, overly talkative, innocent…”
“I’m friendly too, discerning and with a unique train of thought.” Jae-in replies that he’s too glib, maybe he can save himself with that glib mouth of his if he falls into the water. They break out in laughter, camaraderie increasing.

Then he turns solemn, Jae-in asks if he’s worried about Madam P and consoles him, telling him to wait a little longer. Do-hyuk mumbles that he should have been alerted then and followed the vehicle. This reminds Jae-in about his photographic memory and she asks him about his hidden talent. Do-hyuk tells her that it’s a talent nurtured out of habit. Failing to get a look of the vehicle that had killed his parents, he had developed the habit to pay attention to car number plates since then.

Jae-in is sympathetic to his plight of losing both his parent together, she tells him that she had lost her father in an accident too. He was a cop and had perished in the line of duty. She has chosen this career because of her father’s influence. Do-hyuk tells her that he’s like her too, in his choice of career. His father was a reporter with Daese Ilbo.

In the mid of these heartfelt revelations, the scenes had cut to and fro between Do-hyuk’s story and Yong-deok’s discovery about Do-hyuk’s background. Yong-deok was at Do-hyuk’s house for dinner at the invitation of Do-hee, who’s trying to find a way to benefit from Yong-deok’s money. He had stepped into Do-hyuk’s room and discovered his parents’ keepsakes, shocked to realize that his father was the man he was sent to kill….

The next morning, Do-hyuk awakens from the freezing cold. He calls out to Jae-in, with no response from her, he opens the room door to see a sweet image of her sleeping. He smiles…until she flips over with her snore, breaking his moment of fantasy. He washes up, browses the morning paper then the look on his face announces another brewing crisis.

Thanks to Hae-sung’s digging, Yongdeok Ilbo is suffering another smear to their ‘third-rated reputation’. He had managed to get the inside information from Yong-deok’s former subordinates and business associates about how he had coerced them to cough out their resources into setting up the news agency. Along with it, the hidden identities of the MONDAY SEOUL team are spilled in the news too. So now, both the team and Sang-cheol are chiding one another for hiding the truth.

Jae-in expresses her disappointment at the turn of events. She never expected them to go so far, she should have guessed as much when Do-hyuk gets himself mixed up with gangsters. She asks him if he’s even aware of the extent of trouble he will sink into if the other parties decide to sue them? Then she makes another point that hurts him most. “How are you going to face your father?”

Do-hyuk arrives outside the Yongdeok Ilbo office to a clutter of trash and graffitti. His team is leaving too, disgraced by the idea of resorting to underhand means to set up a paper that is hypocritically promoting the concept of justice. Do-hyuk explains that the news is distorted. The help they had received will be returned in the favor of free ads and any profits from the sale of the paper. He swings his anger towards Hae-sung and stalks off to his office.

There, he sees him getting into the car with Ho-kyung. Their intimacy speaks for their relationship. Then, he sees Jae-in. She had rushed over to apologize for her absence at the musical, only to see Hae-sung holding hands with another female. Her world comes crashing down, she hides behind the pillar till they leave. She walks out of her hiding place, dispirited and with questions, then she sees Do-hyuk.

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