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“Hero” – Lee Jun Ki (eps 3)

Episode 3

In this episode, we learn that Do-hyuk’s late father (Jin Yeon) was a reporter with Daese Ilbo. Do-hyuk is every bit his father’s son, inheriting his righteousness, humility and foremost, the need and drive to undo the grievances of the people. I may be wrong at this point but it seems that at the time of his tragic death in a road accident, Jin Yeon was following up on a redevelopment case where the residents were evicted and not compensated for the loss of their homes.

Here, I was reminded of an earlier scene in Episode One, when Yong-deok was thinking about the past when he was supposed to kill of someone (I think) before he retires but was stopped in his tracks when a kid called out for his father….that scene bears similarity to Do-hyuk’s flashbacks so I believe Jin Yeon’s death was not an accident but a murder to silence his voice on the injustice. As the young Do-hyuk shouts out to his parents after witnessing the accident, the scene cuts to Yong-deok who’s meditating on a sleepless night, indicating his link to the incident (though not necessarily indicating he’s responsible, IMO).

Now we get to the fun part of this episode. Do-hyuk is leaving for his MT (Membership training/엠티 = team building), with no one to care for the kids, he sends them to Jae-in’s. On the way, he tells Jin Sol that she has to think about where her mother could be, how else can he find her? She grudgingly promises to think about it and then quickly steers the subject back to him. Why is he nagging in the early morning? Isn’t he going away for 2D1N? Has he packed his stuff? Do-hyuk tells her to quit nagging, does she think she’s his wife? She replies, “You are so not my style.” and tells him to get the doorbell. Before he does that, he reminds them to put on the saddest face to gain some sympathy.

Do-hyuk puts on his best behavior and tells Myung-hee that Jae-in has agreed to care for the kids for the time being, Myung-hee remembers the kids and invites them in. Meanwhile, Jae-in is overly excited about receiving Hae-sung’s call, he’s waiting to send her to work. She’s only concerned about babbling to her mother that Hae-sung is sending her to work, she doesn’t notice the guests and proceeds to change out of her clothes! Screams alert Jae-in to her carelessness, she cowers behind her mother in embarrassment.

As Do-hyuk and team set off, he meets Hae-sung (who’s waiting for Jae-in) and tells him about Yongdeok Ilbo. Hae-sung tells him, at most, he’s only a third-rate reporter. Do-hyuk keeps his cool and tells Hae-sung he doesn’t see why Yongdeok Ilbo is not able to win Daese Ilbo if they fight fair. Or is Hae-sung resorting to underhand means again? Jae-in who has just arrived is not happy about Do-hyuk’s attitude and questions his ethics in return. Do-hyuk makes a move to leave and tells her to ask Hae-sung about the details if she’s curious about what’s going on. She asks but Hae-sung tells her Do-hyuk is nursing a grudge from their school days. Jae-in is even more displeased with Do-hyuk’s pettiness.

The MONDAY SEOUL team is excited about their trip, this is their first time on an outing. Do-hyuk is quick to hush them – they are top reporters from reputable agencies, how can they say it’s their first trip on the job? Sang-cheol comes to distribute their attire, they are even more excited because they are thinking they are heading for the beach. Instead….they are in the wilderness, in military attire and in for some serious training. They try to make light of the program, making fun of Sang-cheol but Yong-deok intervenes and scares them (in his usual expressionless manner) into being serious.

Later that night, Yong-deok asks Do-hyuk what has inspired him to be a reporter? Do-hyuk remembers the old granny who had came to their house, bearing some apples to thank his late father. “This is a little something to thank you all for returning justice to us. For people like us who have neither wealth nor power, [your father] is our hope.” It was then when Do-hyuk decides to be a reporter who rights the wrongs and to bring hope to the aggrieved. Yong-deok tells him about something he has learned while he was in prison. He remembers reading history about King Taejong who had placed a drum outside the palace for the commoners to come and seek their grievances. Do-hyuk lights up and finally realizes that Yongdeok Ilbo’s concept should be just like the drum – to redress the people grievances!

Meanwhile, Jae-in has got a lead on the money-lenders and is on a stakeout. She finally apprehends them and drags her tired self home only to have another spar of words with Jin Sol.

Sol: Can’t you come home earlier?
Jae-in: Do you think I was playing?
Sol: Who knows what you were doing?
Jae-in: This is all because of you. Your mother. Your uncle.
Sol: Isn’t this how human beings are? You take the credit if things go right. You put the blame on others if things go wrong.

Jin Sol enters the bathroom without waiting for a rebuttal, of course, Jae-in is left wanting to tear her hair out. She sees that her mother has dozed off while waiting for her. Their concern for one another touched a chord in Jin Sol who has just walked out of the bathroom. Jae-in is surprised by the look on the girl’s face but Jin Sol enters the room without much of a word.

Despite being taken for a third-rate news agency, Yongdeok Ilbo is still a threat. Gong Chil-sung and Hae-sung are keeping tabs on them and unlike Hae-sung’s disregard for them, Chil-sung warns him not to undermine Yong-deok and Do-hyuk. Hae-sung reminds him to tie up loose ends if he intends to do something about them. Hae-sung seems loyal to Chairman Choi but he’s really not. We see his displeasure as he’s now forced to make preparations for his engagement to Ho-kyung, something that he has tried putting off for a while but Ho-kyung doesn’t want to wait further. Another thing is: he really likes Jae-in and not merely using her as I first thought he was. He still keeps the pictures he had taken of her on his first interview assignment with her and he’s smiling adoringly at that mere thought.

Jae-in returns home to see Do-hyuk waiting for her – with a bag of apples. His gift. She’s not interested and chides him for not calling to ask about the kids (no phone signal). He teases her about her eye bags ( that’s because she was up the entire night on a stakeout) then she asks about his sister (he decides to wait till she shows up on her own).

Jae-in: When?
Do-hyuk: Why are you getting so serious of a sudden?
Jae-in: My father died when I was very young and because of that I’ve always been grateful that my mother is still alive. This is the age when they need a mother’s care and love. Jung, not speaking is already a problem on its own. This is not a matter that should be ignored. Go look for their mother!
Do-hyuk: I think I have an idea on how to do that.

This is really cute. The idea is to scare Sol from revealing her mother’s whereabouts, which Do-hyuk is pretty sure she knows. They bring the kids to to Myung-hee’s cafe, setting a big plate of Myung-hee’s biscuits before them. Then he proceeds to tell them that he will be away for a while because of his new job. During his absence, Jae-in has agree to take them in for a month (Sol’s eyes widen in disbelief!). Jae-in then tells them not to worry, she’ll do a good job of it (Sol is knitting her brows….). Do-hyuk believes that they will have a good time at Jae-in’s, not mentioning the delicious biscuits that they will get to eat EVERYDAY. They love it, don’t they? Sol says no (Jung shakes his head) but Do-hyuk says she’s lying. He’s honestly worried about leaving them alone, thankfully Jae-in is willing to help….”Wait a minute! I know where she is.” Sol is cornered.

So Mr and Mrs Smith head off, bluffing their way into a members-only dance hall. Their presence attracts the attention of the patrons. Seeing that it’s impossible to put off the attention, he tells her to act the part and let’s dance. So they did and finally after some twirling, they spot Do-hee. She runs but not far enough. Jae-in tells her that she still needs to repay the loan principal at the bank rate, Do-hee asks her brother if he has money to spare? Do-hyuk tells her no and walks off. As if intruding into their family’s affairs, Jae-in is feeling increasingly awkward until the kids who have been waiting, runs up. Sol surprises Jae-in when she bows to her in gratitude.

Do-hyuk sees Jae-in home and thanks her for helping him out – taking care of the kids, apprehending the money-lenders and looking for his sister. She broaches the subject about Yong-deok and advises him to stay away from the man – does he even know what a dangerous man Yong-deok is? Do-hyuk is not alarmed but hopes she shows some leniency to a lonely man who has spent his last 15 years in the cell. Do-hyuk tries to iron out the misunderstanding she has about him and tells her that he’s not that despicable man she thinks he is. He hopes she’ll realize that in time. As he turns to leave, Hae-sung calls out. Do-hyuk has a moment of realization when he sees Jae-in beaming. He’s curious and asks if they are dating but Jae-in shoos him off. Hae-sung apologizes for coming at this late hour, when asked if there’s anything wrong, Hae-sung tells her he was looking at her pictures from the interview and he has this urge to see her. Then we see Do-hyuk having lots of trouble sleeping….

The next morning at Yongdeok Ilbo, brainstorming session is heading no where. There’s no good ideas coming from the rest of the team and the only good one (Do-hyuk) is miles away, seriously distracted (by Jae-in and Hae-sung?). Expecting Yong-deok to flare, but he doesn’t; rather coolly, he tells them that payday will be the day when their paper is published. So they can just take their time to get the news. Which means you’re not getting paid if you don’t start cracking. Anyway, despite the silent threat, he throws them a lifeline. Daese Ilbo’s news for the day. A redevelopment project that has lead to an eviction. The thing is: someone committed suicide because of that and Daese Ilbo had kept it under wraps.

Do-hyuk and Joon-hyung have just finished speaking to the victim’s son when Hae-sung arrives. He’s here to compensate and to shut some mouths but he’s obviously too late.

Back at the office, Ga-yeon mentions that Do-hyuk has some luck with his social network that gets him all the news. Madam P, for instance. He remembers that he has not heard from her and goes to the nightclub, when he learns she has yet to show up, he goes to her apartment. No sign either. He goes to the police station to seek help but Jae-in refuses to bypass protocol and tells him that it’s not unlikely for people in this trade to disappear for a while. Do-hyuk is offended by her careless judgment of his friend. Before he leaves, he riles her further by implying that they are in a ‘relationship’ – the first kiss, living in the same neighborhood and that sexy dance! She is gritting her teeth while her men tease her.

He does not stop at that. He goes back to the office and does a write up about her attitude towards Madam P’s case. That will be making the news for Yongdeok Ilbo’s first publication – a newspaper that takes on the grievances and problems of the common people.. And when it gets published, Jae-in is mad. So is Hae-sung when he sees the suicide news. Then we learn that Chil-sung may have some thing to do with Madam P as he’s taken aback to see Madam P in the news.




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