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HERO – Lee Jun Ki (Eps 2)

Episode 2

Do-hyuk is exhilarated when Yong-deok tells him that he has the money to set up a news agency, however the money is left at Sang-cheol’s for safekeeping. Do-hyuk’s initial exhilaration deflates as he thinks that the money should have been long gone by now for Sang-cheol had once left him in the lurch! But NO! Sang-cheol is crying his guts out at the police station because he thinks his hyung-nim has gone missing. Detective Na promises to bring him to Do-hyuk’s place to look for Yong-deok once he’s done with work. The thing is, Do-hyuk is not picking up his calls.

Do-hyuk is too busy at work. He has taken up Madam P’s offer to part-time at her nightclub and being the honorable man that he is, he brings part of his news gang with him – Cha Man-soo and Na Ga-yeon – while they awaits for the police to apprehend their fleeing ex-boss.Things are looking up for Do-hyuk again when he learns from Detective Na that Sang-cheol is with him. Do-hyuk lights up because Sang-cheol represents the money that is leading him to his future.

So along with Yong-deok, they start planning for the new business. Office space, arrangements with the printing company, office equipment, vehicles and most importantly, REPORTERS. He takes the opportunity to recommend the gang from MONDAY SEOUL but Yong-deok has standards (he’s aware of the bad reputation) and he tells Do-hyuk that since they are acquaintances, he has no choice but to let him join his new venture but as for the rest…he prefers some new people. But as you all know Do-hyuk by now, he never forsakes his friends and so being the guy with a quick mind and some sly tricks, he concocts a plan.

He brings on his gang – all professionally attired and each with a reputable résumé – and tells Yong-deok that these fine people have been scouted from some top-notch news agencies. Without much of a word, Yong-deok welcomes them on board. The gang heaves a big sigh of relief after Yong-deok leaves, glad that they have managed to outwit him (which I don’t really think so, Yong-deok seems too worldly to be outsmarted). So the one thing left to do now is to get the money.

Braving the late night rain, the gang follows Yong-deok and Sang-cheol to the woods and start digging. Their enthusiasm begins to fizzle out after several hours of digging and no money bag in sight. They begin to wonder….but Sang-cheol is sure – there’s their triad logo pasted right on location. On Ga-yeon’s prompting, Do-hyuk fishes for some motivation for them to dig – HOW MUCH IS THE PRIZE awaiting them? Yong-deok tells him that he has sold his house to get that amount of money. They are more than motivated now and with that bit of information, they begin to do the calculations – how much do they really think it is? What’s the estimated price…when did he sell the house – 15 years ago or recently? Based on a modest estimation, they think it should be no lesser than A BILLION WON!! They are practically glowing in the dark, increasing their efforts and then *thunk*, Do-hyuk’s shovel finally hits the jackpot!

A mad scramble ensues, Yong-deok opens the bag, throwing out sheets of crumpled papers and soon the bag is empty or rather, almost empty. The grim look Yong-deok directs at Sang-cheol tells Do-hyuk that it’s no good. He grabs the bag and start counting. 1, 2, 3….5, 6……10. ONE MILLION WON. That’s three zeros missing and if you think that isn’t really a lot, well, it’s not too less a difference either.

Sang-cheol drops to his knees and starts explaining. He had wanted to build a fortune for Yong-deok while he was away in prison. He was conned into buying a plot of land but later learned that the land is covered by the greenbelt policy (government policy to preserve certain agricultural land so other developments are prohibited). Then he invested the remaining in stocks only to be met with the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (when Korea’s economy was at stake). What’s left of that fortune is what they are looking at now.

So what happens now? Yong-deok is a man of his words, he offers everyone a share of the remaining funds but while the four diggers are happy, Do-hyuk is not. He seriously thinks that he has been played by Yong-deok, he hands back the money and turns to leave. Yong-deok tells him that he’ll be settling down in the vicinity but Do-hyuk doesn’t care. After hanging Sang-cheol by his feet for the night, Yong-deok sets him free. That’s on account of Sang-cheol’s loyalty for the past 15 years. After all, he was the only one who had been sending him postcards. Sang-cheol tells Yong-deok to forget all about his plans, he’s worried that Daese Ilbo will be planning something against him again. However, Yong-deok has a more pressing curiosity – he wants to know why bus passengers have to lift their butts when they take the bus? (Remember in episode one, he was having problems getting through the fare scanner?) Sang-cheol smiles, introduces him to the bus card. The next we know, Yong-deok is on the bus trying his new gadget. He’s relieved he finally has some noise coming from back there.

So what’s the real deal between Yong-deok and Daese Ilbo? That’s what is pricking Jae-in’s curiosity too but Hae-sung is staying clear from that territory and brushes it off as nothing, as a misunderstanding. By the way, if your memory needs some nudging, they are together because he’s treating her to dinner to say thanks (as in episode one). The way he’s attending to her needs really makes you think that he’s wooing her but sorry Jae-in, he merely needs another favor. He tells Jae-in that he’s worried about how Do-hyuk is faring with his office shut down and all that stuff, so he would really appreciate it if she updates him about Do-hyuk’s recent developments. Jae-in doesn’t think Hae-sung needs to be worried about that despicable guy, he’ll find a way somehow, she thinks.

Jae-in’s mother, Myung-hee is excited to see Hae-sung sending her daughter home. She invites him in for tea, he agrees but then takes a rain check when he gets a call from his boss. Now, if mother and daughter knew that sort of man Hae-sung is, they wouldn’t have been smiling like they had caught the golden goose. First, we find out that Hae-sung is not as ethical as he paints himself to others. He’s only human and he bends too when pushed by a higher force. It’s not clear but I believe Chairman Choi is planning some underground activities and Politician Park agrees to smooth the path for him if they help clear him of the MONDAY SEOUL report about his debauchery. Hae-sung is not happy but he gets it done nevertheless. Second, he’s engaged to his boss’s daughter, Ho-kyung.

It makes the news the next morning, and Jae-in takes in every word of it simply because it’s penned by the righteous Hae-sung. Relatively, her prejudice for Do-hyuk triples, despises him for making up stories. At Do-hyuk’s place, So-ra’s attempts to hide the news from him fails, he’s enraged and storms off to Daese Ilbo after entrusting the kids to Detective Na who had stayed over for the night.

By the way, I mentioned So-ra and Jung-ah are Do-hyuk’s nieces. Sorry, that’s so wrong. Jung-ah is his nephew as his character bio says so. I guess the two kids are causing a lot of misunderstandings (not only for me) but Jae-in had thought they were Do-hyuk’s kids and now her mother thinks they are Detective Na’s grandchildren, having met him with them at Do-hyuk’s house the night before while she was making her neighborly rounds. Of course, So-ra isn’t helping and addresses him as ‘harabeoji’. Myung-hee does not have a good impression of the man because he keeps clarifying that he’s single, not knowing that he’s smitten to the extent of loving her poorly-baked goods.

At Daese Ilbo, Do-hyuk confronts Hae-sung over his report – does he need to tell him how many pair of eyes had bore witness to Park’s licentious ways? By which Hae-sung reminds him that what the eyes see is not necessarily the entire truth and this brings us back to the past when the two men were schoolmates and competing for the seat of President of the student body. To force Do-hyuk out of the competition, Hae-sung had resorted to bribery to pin a false accusation on Do-hyuk.

Newly fuelled to fight his cause again, Do-hyuk comes looking for Yong-deok (who’s deeply affected when his daughter had ignored him and told her friend she doesn’t know who he is) and asks if his offer to set up a news agency still stands. Yong-deok asks if he has the confidence to beat Daese Ilbo. Why not? There’s always a chance at winning if we fight it out, says Do-hyuk. Let’s go then.

With barely enough money to pursue their cause, Yong-deok cashes in on his due favors. With that triad boss tactic, he goes physical to wrestle a mansion cum office, a contract with the printing company and vehicles from his former subordinates and business associates. The newsroom gang gets the call and arrives outside their BOHO (big office home office) in awe. YONGDEOK ILBO is finally set for business. Meanwhile, Gong Chil-sung is feeding information about Yong-deok to Hae-sung, while they aren’t in the know yet about their news agency, Hae-sung is not happy to learn Yong-deok and Do-hyuk are close.

With their new jobs ready to start, Do-hyuk and Man-soo go to the nightclub to inform Madam P of their resignation. Do-hyuk is surprised that she has not shown up for work, he’s worried when her staff tells him that Madam P is acting out of sorts lately and the last he saw her was last night when she was talking to someone in the car. Do-hyuk remembers the car he had glimpsed (along with its car plate) when he was attending to patrons. He instructs the waiter to call him if Madam P shows up.

Jae-in is intrigued by Yong-deok and couldn’t believe the stuff that goes into his rap sheet, she wonders about what’s going on between Yong-deok and Do-hyuk. Detective Na assures her that there’s nothing. Do-hyuk is a warm-hearted guy and he had merely taken in someone homeless for a couple of days. Jae-in is not pleased that her men are acting in defense of Do-hyuk and shoos them out for work. Detective Na who had been minding the kids, is now worried about So-ra having to go home with Jung-ah by herself. The spunky kid assures him that she knows her way around.

Not feeling safe for them to go home alone, Jae-in trails them from behind. So-ra notices her and asks her why she’s following them? Jae-in tells her she’s not, she happens to live here too.

So-ra: What sort of police officer gets off work so early?
Jae-in: Hey. It’s the duty of a police officer to care for kids. What if you….?
So-ra: So you’re indeed following us. Jung-ah, the cop is lying.
Jae-in: Hey. I’m doing this for your sake.
So-ra: What’s with a witch trying to play kind?
Jae-in: HEY! Who do you resemble? You’re so detestable!

Then from nowhere comes the reply. “She resembles me! Hey, thanks for seeing them home.” Do-hyuk. He had seen Jae-in following the kids, he had smiled knowing that she was worried about them going home alone. He shares the good news with the kids that he’s working at a news agency again! Jae-in asks if he’s joking but then she’s more interested to know where is Yong-deok. She’s shocked to learn that Yong-deok is his boss. But before that conversation is able to continue, the money lenders appears. They decide that the children organs are a better deal than Do-hyuk’s and they lunge for the kids. Jae-in intervenes and beat them to a pulp. A fleeing Do-hyuk turns back and steers her away from a hard beating but she scrapes her knuckles and let two escaped in a cab. No fear, for Do-hyuk puts his wondrous memory work to use and gives her the car plate.

Later, he buys her coffee and a plaster while she grumbles about him not making a police report about the illegal money-lending deal. She wants him to find his sister before she can attend to the case and before she apprehends the bad guys, she tells him to leave the kids at the station during the day. Do-hyuk is genuinely grateful for her concern despite her coldness.

Jae-in: I’m not doing this to earn your gratitude.
Do-hyuk: Then, is it a cop’s sense of duty?
Jae-in: I’m doing this for the sake for Reporter Kang who is worrying over a despicable person like you.

Do-hyuk’s amiable disposition turns to a mix of angry disbelief.

Jae-in: You mentioned setting up a news agency?
Do-hyuk: Yes. That’s right.
Jae-in: Well, it seems anybody can be a reporter. Anybody can just set up a news agency.
Do-hyuk: Does one require qualifications to set up a news agency?
Jae-in: By the way, I had a thrill from reading today’s news. Now, a former triad boss and a lying reporter in a joint venture to start a news agency? Wow, I’m looking forward to that.
Do-hyuk: Stop that nonsense if you don’t know what’s going on.
Jae-in: I’m not interested to know. By the way, what’s your new story? Who are you incriminating next, so that you can have a good laugh over it?
Do-hyuk: Excuse me. I’m not that kind of person.
Jae-in: Do you know what’s the worst type of people? Those that cause hurt to others just for their own personal gains. That’s the lowest type of life one can live. I don’t know what both you and Jo Yong-deok are up to but beware. Whatever felonies you’re having in mind, I’ll be putting a stop to it.




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