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Shining Inheritance/Briliant Legacy eps 2 (recaps)

The pilot episode got around 16% in the TV ratings. That number is quite high for a first episode so it would only mean that viewers liked what they saw. It also went up every week and maintained its great numbers. The Cinderella theme is really working its magic.

Anyway, Episode 2 of Brilliant Legacy aka Shining Inheritance gave us the whole sad, depressing situation of our main heroine, Eun Sung. Not only that her father died but he was cremated without her seeing him in the flesh for the last time, thanks to the crazy antics of the major pain the ass, Hwan. All Eun Sung was able to see was her father’s personal effects that were seen on his body.

The evil stepmom showed her true colors. After being humiliated and confronted by the angry creditors. She decided to tell Eun Sung that she and her brother can live a life on their own. She told them that it would be better for all of them not to be together since she cannot be responsible for the two of them. She gave them some money for them to start on their own.

Seung Mi, the stepsis was so bothered and asked her mom not to do it to them especially that they were able to find a beautiful apartment that is spacious enough to have Eun Sung and Eun Woo to live with them but her mom was insistent that it is not possible. When she asked where she got the money. The mom said that she borrowed it. She told Seung Mi that she was doing it for her. She said that Seung Mi would not be accepted by Hwan’s family if they tell anyone that the father is dead and that they have financial problems. Seung Mi felt guilty but I guess the thought of losing Hwan is far greater than her worrying for her stepsiblings.

Seung Mi’s troubles did not end there. When disaster strikes, it just never stop. She decided to spend the night in a public sauna and unfortunately their money was stolen.

Luckily, she was able to find her kind hearted old friend who was willing to help them. She even found work for her. Just when you think that maybe everything will work out fine for them. (When you think that it was safe to go back in the water…) Eun Woo got lost. Apparently, he went back to his school and played the piano. The teacher discovered him there and called the stepmom to pick him up.

The stepmom went back to the apartment complex. While on the car park outside the apartment, she called Eun Sung on the phone but she was working and the phone was busted thanks to his ‘royal jerkness’ Hwan, she was not able to talked to her.

Hwan was so upset with Eun Sung as the latter was not able to meet up with him in a previous arrangement so that they can exchange the bags. He thought that she was lying to him and when they saw each other on the bar where she working, he made her life so unbearable even just for that night. Eventually his actions that night has consequences. Too bad for Eun Sung.

The stepmom saw that EunWoo was looking at the apartment building, she remembered that he has a photographic memory and mostly likely will tell her sister where they went.

She then hatches her evil plan…



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