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Shining Inheritance/Briliant Legacy – eps 1 (recaps)

Brilliant Legacy Episode 1 Recap

Brilliant Legacy also known as Shining Inheritance is on its 16th episode and if you are asking why I am very late in the game, it is simplybecause I did not have any plans of blogging about this drama even if I find it entertaining. There are just some favors that I needed to fulfill and one of them is to blog about it but it does not mean I am doing a recap of each episode. As much as I’d like to, my hands are full.

Anyway, I will be compiling video links and some brief summary or should I say very brief summary or commentary of each episode plus a few screen caps to help those who want to have an idea on what’s going on in each episode.

The drama series is doing great in the TV ratings game. A majority of the korean viewers are enjoying the story probably because its light and not too many complications that will make the head ache in analyzing the plot. A huge factor also is that it was not that hyped that nobody really had any great expectation from it.

Episode 1 basically is about two people who accidentally exchanged their handcarry bags in the airplane upon their arrival in Korea. This somehow is the reason why these two people will forever be connected whether they like it or not. You can call it stupidity or whatever but the romantic in me call it fate.

The man, Sun Woo Hwan is a typical rich arrogant boy, pampered and too spoiled by his family. He is expected to inherit his grandmother’s beef soup empire. The woman, Go Eun Sung is a nice girl who came from a wealthy family, well before his father’s company went bankrupt. She is studying abroad and loves her father and his little brother who is austistic.

She came home to celebrate her father’s birthday. She has a stepmother and a stepsister. They are not evil, well, yet. Everything is supposed to be roses until the day they exchanged the bags because it is also the day that her father’s company went bankrupt and her stepmom showed her true colors.

Yes, it does sound like it is Cinderella’s story but as I’ve said in my previous post, it has a different character twist. She’s not waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive to solve the problems, she is the one trying to find a solution.

Hwan and Eun Sung is interconnected because of family and friends although they do not realized it yet. It is a small world afterall. Hwan’s close friend or wanna be girlfriend is Eun Sung’s stepsister. Eun Sung has a friend who has a hottie friend named Jun Se, who is Hwan’s longtime family friend and who would eventually be Eun Sung’s friend and probably future boyfriend.

Hwan is a major pain in the ass. He is a jerk who created such a havoc in Eun Sung’s life who probably can also be her prince in the end. Eun Sung’s father died on that same day. Well, he was robbed and the robber took his watch and jewelry and was involved in a fire. The body was so disfigured that when her stepmom saw the watch and the ring, she immediately concluded that it was indeed her husband.

The father decided not to correct it when he heard the news since it was also a chance for him to escape the financial problem that he has. He was thinking that his death will be beneficial to his family since he believed that her wife will take care of his children. Unfortunately, he is dead wrong!

The pilot episode is somehow predictable and full of cliches but watch the next couple of episodes and there you will see the major twist in the story.




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