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fanForum for Kim Nam Gil (K!NG)

Do you fan with Kim Nam Gil?
What you like from Kim Nam Gil?
Why you join this?
Give me your comment before click this link after this you will sign up and become a fan of Kim Nam Gil aka Bidam..!!

KimChi!! (^m^)

(since this fanforum just published by me and till now (5 februari 2010) the Fan Forum have about 700 members, so awesome!!!)

but this website already close and you can visit this website for  True Eyes Indonesia!




i am a korean lover

11 thoughts on “fanForum for Kim Nam Gil (K!NG)

  1. i looooooooooooooooooooove u so much i hope in futuer i can meet youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i would like to be my friend of course i have 5 BF ; I DON’T LIKE any of them but you i hope u ad my email soon so it’s good for you

  2. Kim Nam Gil is such a good actor. I’m very impressed with Bidam role that he played and Bidam made me cry so much at the end of the drama. I just don’t understand why directors discover his talent so late. When he starts to get attention and be famous after Queen Seon Deok drama, he has to join military. Such a pity! Kim Nam Gil told in a show that he’s worried about audience will forget him after 2 years. I hope everyone supports him all the time!!

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