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Foto Kim Nam Gil di padang

ni kim nam gil lg main hide and seek nya korea sptnya..

Appa so kindly man!!

i like him very much!!

so lucky they are!!

dia juga bantu buat rumah!! >,<…huaaahh!!

so Lucky she is!!
so jealoussz..!!! T__T..~~

bagi yang melihat foto-foto ini tolong kasih comment nya bgmn perasaanmu saat Kim Nam Gil membantu mereka dan membuat mereka tertawa..!!
Please Give your comment about Appa!!

Thank You so much!!

Jeong mal gamsahamnida!!



i am a korean lover

24 thoughts on “Foto Kim Nam Gil di padang

  1. Oh God … I can’t imagine how lo profile he is. Kim Nam Gil oppa, I hope the best for you. I hope, I can see more your project next. He’s so kind … (I think …) ^^

  2. uwaaaaaaaa, , I Like this. .Like this. .Like tHis. . Kim nam gil mANg kEyennn bgd dAh.. 4 jEmpOl bwat dya!! >_< lUph him fUlll !!!

  3. hmmmm,,,,,, gak nyangka personality amazing bgt….. jadi tambahhhhhh sukaaaaa….. yg laen aja blm tentu bs kyk dy…… tetaplah seperti kim,,,, a love uuu

  4. I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i mean i love kim nam gil,not U!)

    do u take the photos in padang?

    add me on my facebook^^

  5. Uuh pengen ktmu KNG,,
    Tp msa kl mw ktmu ma KNG musti gempa dulu sich!
    byar pun gt oppa bidam tetep number 1,,,berjiwa sosial bgt!

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